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Washington DC is mainly known for its historical and political prominence. The aesthetic appeal of the city is also equally popular. Hence, most people opt for usual city tours, monument tours, museum tours, etc when planning their DC trip. However, there is a darker and scarier side of Washington DC that lurks behind its inimitable beauty. Note that there are many haunted spots in the city where you can experience spine-chilling paranormal activities. Needless to say, these places are sure to give you bloodcurdling nightmares. Obviously, it will be ideal to checkout any such unconventional and spooky locations on your Washington DC private tours in order to make it an exhilarating and adventurous affair.

Travelers who usually look for something unique and adventurous on their Washington DC tours often choose to visit some of these haunted scenes where some restless spirits still wander. If you are interested in exploring such spooky places, there are many Washington night tour options that will cover most of the popular devilish spots here. Some of those eerie destinations that you may include in your Washington DC ghost tour are given below.

The Octagon House

This is one of the ancient constructions in the District of Columbia built by Colonel Tayloe III and is said to be one of the creepiest spots in the city. Locals claim that they often feel the presence of some disturbed souls at this place, especially on the spiral staircase and on the second and third floors. People believe that the house is haunted by the spirits of Colonel Tayloe’s daughters. Actually, Tayloe’s elder daughter died falling down from the staircase amidst an argument with her father and his second daughter also died in almost similar circumstances. Furthermore, there are some speculations about the place being a former slave market and hence, some people believe that the house is haunted by American and African slaves.

Old Stone House

Another uncanny location in Washington DC is the Old stone house located at 3051 M Street NW. Built in 1765, this house was owned by a wealthy widow named Cassandra Chew. However, the property was purchased by the federal government in 1953. Visitors claimed of feeling the presence of a number of spirits in the home. The most commonly encountered spirits are of three women, four children, and three men. Even though most spirits wandering in this house are harmless, there is one malevolent soul here. He is named as George and is blamed for pushing and choking the visitors. It is said that his presence is indicated by means of cold spots and you are likely to get a potential feeling of dread as he comes closer.

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