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Washington DC has plenty of academic places since it is a city with a long history. You can also find an abundance of bookstores that sell new and old books to quench the thirst of all bibliophiles on private tours Washington DC. Below are some of the best bookstores in DC that sell old and new books.

Politics & Prose

This bookshop prioritizes politics as suited for Washington DC’s atmosphere. However, do not expect this famous bookstore located in Chevy Chase to be that simple. It has its own book club, coffee shop, and it conducts talks from famous writers. Well-known personalities, including the former US President, Barack Obama, frequently visit this bookstore.


This bookstore was established in 1976 at the DuPont Circle, and it continues to uphold the same atmosphere of regular writer talks, music performances, and lectures. This was the first bookstore in America to offer a meal for its customers. Additionally, the place also offers bar services via an adjoining café. What’s more, the place remains open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Second Story Books

This is a great bookstore to visit on your private tours Washington DC. It gives many classic books a rebirth by selling them at affordable rates to enthusiastic readers. There are two outlets of Second Story Books in DC – one at Rockville and the other near Dupont Circle. Both the bookstores have an elaborate collection of books including literary criticism and Asian studies. The place also has a rare book room with a collection of books in French, German, and other languages.

The Lantern

Originally founded to fund a support group in school, the place was an idea that sprouted in the mind of Diana Morgan Young. They sell a great collection of books, vinyl records, and CDs. Besides, they keep aside a part of the earnings towards a scholarship program. Interestingly, if you buy four books here, the fifth one is free.

Capitol Hill Books

Located near the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress, Capitol Hill Books resides in a converted three-storied townhouse. You can buy new and used books here, and even sell yours for good price. The owner of the bookstore, Jim, has put up several clever handwritten signboards across the store. Besides, he is also very friendly with those who are interested to have a little chat.

Books are arranged in piles inside the building, giving it a feel of a private property. Interestingly, a visit to the bathroom is highly recommended here, as it happens to be the foreign language section.

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