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Enjoying fall in DC is something everyone should do at least once in their life. This season transforms the nation’s capital in the most stunning ways, and if you have been lucky enough to sample it, you will probably know of a thing or two on the side that can significantly enhance the experience for any tourist. Comforting desserts are definitely on that list. Following are a few you absolutely must try while making tours of Washington DC.

Brown Butter Krispie Treat

With its best and most traditional version served in at Summer House Santa Monica, this dish is one upscale treat you would be justified bankrupting yourself over. While it is a dessert, that even kids can make, the one here includes seasonal flavors like Fruit Loops, Oreo, pumpkin spice, and Caption Crunch. You also have the option to get a comfort food combo.

Royal Falooda

Served at Toli Moli and other spots around the city, this local South Asian treat seems a lot like rice pudding, except it is much more complex. You can get it with pomegranate-ginger jellies, rice noodles, paprika-infused milk, basil seeds, house-made rosewater syrup, and vanilla ice cream.

Happy Camper

Head to Buttercream Bakeshop to try out this bra-form smore, combining chocolate ganache, crispy graham crumble, and homemade marshmallow fluff.

Banana Cream Pie

You can get this a lot of places, but none makes it as good as Honeysuckle. The place combines a namelaka (sweet custard made out of banana) with kettle corn ice cream, caramelized yogurt, tonka bean meringue, and salted peanuts. This lets you indulge in a tasty mess of familiar flavors that goes well with the season.


You have probably heard of sandwich cookies. Well DC has its own takes on this delicacy, but none more delicious than the Italian version served at Alta Strada. This is basically chocolate shortbread with vanilla mascarpone filling that serves as dipping. People who generally pull their Oreos apart before eating would love this.

Oat Cream Pie

A crowd-favorite at the newly furbished Mirabelle, the oat cream pie consists of oatmeal cookie sandwich filled in with vanilla marshmallow cream.

Pancake Batter Pie

You get this at most braches of Dangerously Delicious Pies, and it is small wonder that it sells out quickly every day. It tastes the same as when you lick it off a spatula, expect now there is pie all around it.

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