The Places in DC Where You Can Eat Bugs

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There will be hardly any person who does not love traveling. However, the driving factors behind each traveler’s journeys tend to be different. While a wide range of artistic attractions may attract some people, some travelers tend to steer towards the culinary culture of a place. Similarly, shopping opportunities, rich history, traditions, cultural festivals, etc., tend to play a major role when it comes to deciding a place for one’s holidays.

That being said, this article will be helpful for all the travelers who love to savor unique food varieties of different regions. Are you planning a trip to DC shortly? In most cases, people tend to choose DC as their vacation spot because of its enchanting appeal, political prominence, rich history, etc. However, if you are looking forward to enjoying unique food tasting experiences, head on to any of the ‘pestaurants’ here. Wondering what a pestaurent is? Note that these are the restaurants that serve bugs or insects.

The upsides of including bugs in your diet

The concept of including insects in the diet has been already embraced by billions of people across the globe because of the associated health benefits. Note that a vast range of bugs is high in Vitamin B and minerals such as zinc and iron. Plus, they are low in fat. You will be amazed to know that 100g or grasshopper tend to carry 35.3mg of calcium, 20.6g of protein, and 5mg of iron. Furthermore, eating bugs can reduce the carbon footprint and boost your nutrition.

Pestaurants in DC

If eating bugs do not creep you out or if you are willing and brave enough to experience this unique food tasting experience, head on to the Occidental Grill restaurant located on Pennsylvania Avenue. Here, you will get almost every creature that you love to smash under your toes on your delectable lunch. Some of the popular insect dishes that you can expect on your platter include grasshopper burgers, scorpion lollipops, BBQ mealworms, etc. Other restaurants in DC that serve insects include Victor Albisu’s ‘Poca Madre’ and Jose Andres’ ‘Oyamel drops bugs in Tacos’.

Other activities

In addition to tasting any of these unique bug platters, you can indulge in activities such as cricket eating competition, taking selfies with the insect dishes, voting for the worst pest in DC. Usually, such contests are conductedin DC for free in order to promote the concept of pestaurants. Furthermore, there will be many culinary experts to guide you and clear your doubts regarding the edible bugs. They may also ask you to contribute by providing helpful tips to avoid pest infestation.

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