Tips to Enjoy the DC Embassy Events to the Fullest

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Washington DC is mainly known for its historical and political prominence. When crafting an itinerary to explore the American capital city, most people tend to include the neo-classical monuments and many other architectural wonders here. The nightlife attractions, breweries, food culture, lifestyles attractions, etc., are also considered in this case.

Sadly, tourists often fail to discover the political and cultural side of the city, since they have a misconception that such tours are likely to be boring and lifeless. On the contrary, you can make your Washington DC political and cultural tours an exhilarating and outstanding affair by including the DC embassy events.

DC Embassy Events

Do you know that Washington DC is home to around 175 embassies from all over the world? So, representatives from different nationalities tend to work for their embassies located at DC and lives here. This explains one of the reasons behind the eclectic lifestyle of the residents here.

You will be amazed to know that one in every ten DC households tend to speak a different language apart from English. When it comes to tourists, these embassies are one of the best ways for you to explore and discover the culture and traditions of different countries all over the world. Below are some of the best ways to travel around the world while staying a DC.

Embassy Row

A majority of embassies in DC is located along Massachusetts Avenue NW between 18th and 35th streets. No wonder, this neighborhood is known as the embassy row. As you make your way through these streets, you can find a range of embassies representing some popular countries such as Australia, Greece, Italy, Ireland, India, Japan, and more.

Visitors can book embassy tours through the official embassy row website. Note that only a few embassies are open to the public. Otherwise, you may consider walking tours that will give you some in-depth details regarding the architecture, political prominence, and history of the buildings here. Needless to mention, a stroll along these streets will give you an insight into the architecture and culture of the bygone eras as well as the modern ones. This will be an ideal choice for tourists who are short for time.

Passport DC

Many embassies will be open to the public during the month of May as a part of their annual Passport DC event series. The events include heritage festivals, open houses, an embassy chef challenge, etc. Hence, this will be a great opportunity for all the people who love to learn about the culture and traditions of different countries. In fact, this is one of the much anticipated month-long events in Washington DC. So, if you are planning your tours of Washington DC tours during May, never forget to take advantage of these events.

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