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Washington DC, which is popularly known as Washington, is the capital of the United States of America and is immensely popular among tourist from all over the globe for its historical importance. It is a splendid place for a vacation where you can enjoy the beauty of various treasured museums, memorials, and neo-classical monuments.

Furthermore, a trip to Washington DC is comparatively cheap, as you can enjoy most of the attractions free of cost over here. However, you can make your trip even more economical and exciting if you prepare well. Below are some basic and important tips that you must take care to enjoy a stunning Washington DC tour.

Cut Down Your To-Do List

People often try to fill up their to-do list with a maximum number of items, which is not a good idea. Most of you might be traveling for a span of maximum 20 days or less but you need to note that there are endless attractions in DC. If you cram up your list, you will not be able to enjoy any of the places in a hurry burry.

Furthermore, try to group your destinations. For instance; the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is closer to Lincoln Memorial and the National Building Museum is nearby the National Portrait Museum.

Get a Smart Trip Card

For every ride in the metro, you will have to pay $1 extra while using a paper ticket. So, it is wise to use a smart trip card which is a permanent rechargeable card used to pay for the metro rail and local bus system. On top of that, you can use this card for availing the metro rail facilities too.

Using a smart card will not only help you to save your money but it will also save your time from standing in queues for getting your tickets. Furthermore, you can easily replace the card if you miss or damage it by paying an extra amount of just $2.

Be Ready For Security Checks

Most of the top rated attractions of DC have security check comprising of metal detectors and luggage check. If the checking takes longer time, all your planning for that day will be ruined. So it is always better to check the websites of the places that you are planning to go beforehand, as many of them provide timed tickets.

Furthermore, you can take a sling bag or purse in which you can put all your gadgets, wallets, belts, jewelry etc and pass it through the conveyor belt. This will help you to save your time, as you only have to do the body check in this case.

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