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Georgetown is a medieval neighborhood in Washington DC, which was found in 1751. Call it somewhat ironic, but this neighborhood predates the city capital by close to 40 years. It is a place with rich history, and features cobblestone streets, that retain the medieval charm of DC. In fact, you need not look around too much when in Georgetown for tourist attractions. Below is a compilation of top three.

Note that places such as Old Stone House, which is billed as the “oldest unchanged building in Washington DC” since 1765 is closed down for renovation until December this year. Meanwhile, you can catch the below attractions when on a Washington DC tour to Georgetown.

Oak Hill Cemetery

This medieval cemetery in the neighborhood was found in 19th Century by American banker William Wilson Corcoran. Tombs of many popular figures rest here including that of Edwin McMasters Stanton, a lawyer who served as Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War. The Renwick Chapel in this cemetery is one of the gothic-looking ones in the city capital. It is named after its designer James Renwick Jr. in 1850.

Book Hill Park

To get a sweeping view of Georgetown neighborhood and the famous Potomac River, scale up the stairs in this park’s section that intersects the Wisconsin Avenue leading up to Georgetown Public Library. That particular section of Book Hill Park will give you peace compared to the hustle and bustle of Georgetown. It is a block with a quaint feel of Europe. Around the park, there are carved names on the trees some tracing back to 20th Century mid and before.

Georgetown University

This is an establishment with a shy resemblance to the fictional universes in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which featured in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. Georgetown University’s campus is open for visitors to wander around in general and for free. In the main campus, you may come across its landmark building namely the Healy Hall. The historic school started functioning in the 18th Century and is now the oldest existing Catholic and Jesuit school in the United States.

Another point of interest in Georgetown is the ‘Exorcist Steps,’ named after the famous horror movie of American filmmaker William Friedkin. Make sure you add that to your Washington DC tour itinerary if you are a fan of myth.

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