Top 4 Experiences That are a Must-Try When on a Washington DC Tour

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For a tourist hub, Washington DC has many museums, art centers, and must-try experiences that are free of cost to visit and focus on a field of study or an area of interest among tourists. If you are planning to go on a Washington DC tour anytime soon, check out the below tourist attractions to fill the art appetite in you.

Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden

The museum of the Smithsonian Institution situated nearby the National Mall exhibits contemporary fine arts and architectures in a stunning setting. Its rotating exhibits touch upon the works of International artists that cast a thought-provoking spell on visitors. Check out the room in the museum’s third floor titled ‘Lerner Room,’ and you can get picturesque views of Washington DC skyline. Other than that, the attached garden rife with sculptures is also a must-visit place if you have interests in photographing statuettes.

The Blind Whino

This art center is housed in a church of the 19th Century and is situated in Southwest Waterfront. The gorgeous architecture and eye-popping colors on the exterior of the former church are Instagram-friendly as well. Being a popular culture space in the capital city, the insides of this instantly recognizable building is equally eclectic and features plenty of things to appreciate and photograph.

Multiverse at National Gallery of Art

The museum owned by the Smithsonian Institution is home to multi-verse, a light sculpture installation created by an artist named Leo Villareal. You can find this unique attraction while taking a ride through the moving walkway situated amidst East and West wings of the art gallery in DC. The installation has thousands of LEDs, which creates certain patterns that would make your eyes pop out in sheer wonderment.

Meridian Hill Park

Walk into this urban park situated adjacent to Columbia Heights neighborhood on afternoons of a Sunday and you can witness a group of people playing the musical instrument. Since it first marked the liberation movement of African Americans during 1960’s, the drum circle has been a mainstay in the park for well over five decades. People from all kinds of ethnicities peer into this gathering to enjoy loud, thudding beats of hand-drums and dance as if there is no tomorrow. If you want to break-free, feel free to join the drummers.

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