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Washington DC is replete with several museums that revolves around a diverse concept be it spying, air and space, archaeology, or even American history. Consider visiting any of these top museums in the city capital when on a Washington DC tour to spend quality timeouts with friends and family.

National Geographic Museum

The museum inspired by the National Geographic magazine hosts rotating exhibits that covers everything from landscape photographs and interactive tales that were originally featured in the magazine. The museum brings to life the tales of world-famous explorers, nature photographers, and scientists. Its permanent exhibition displays artifacts such as the camera Robert Peary used for an expedition he made at the North Pole in 1909, and relics found by French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau from a wrecked ship.

Madame Tussauds

The DC edition of the famous wax museum based in London is must-visit, especially if you are into American pop-culture. The museum features the wax figures of all US Presidents including Donald Trump, which was unveiled in January last year, even before he sworn in as the 45th American President. When in Madame Tussauds DC, head to the Glamour Room to see the celebrities on wax, to the Civil Rights Room if you want to catch the influential figures, or to the Media Room to catch prominent American journalists.

International Spy Museum

The museum reveals the history of espionage through real-life artifacts, declassified stories and documents of most daring spying missions. One of its highlights is the trials to the overhead reconnaissance technology used in military surveying missions of a region in order to spot an enemy. The museum also educates common public the tactics and techniques used by spying communities in the past including during World War II. A recent new addition to the museum in DC is a compilation of James Bond villains featured in the 007 franchise.

National Building Museum

Here, you will come across the tales of the history as well as the impact engineering and design can leave in communities. The museum runs exhibits on topics that are related to architecture and building, evolution of construction materials, building communities by designing buildings to withstand natural disasters, etc. The interior of the museum boasts of the Great Hall memorial devoted the veterans of American Civil War.

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