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The hot dog joints situated on a corridor of U Street draw plenty of visitors during the night. It is often the area, where you can see a lineup of cars, consisting mostly of limousines and other luxury class vehicles. The nightlife in this street invites visitors to gather around the outdoor venues in large numbers. You can feel the vibe the moment you reach the U Street corridor for a night out in Washington DC.

9.30 Club

This nightclub just off the street is where both rising musicians and famous bands come to stage events with a sold-out crowd. This music venue, which is armed with a small balcony, is spacious enough to host a nighttime concert even with a large attendance. You can get views to the stage acts irrespective of where you are standing here, and fill up your tummies with selections from a vegetarian food fare on the balcony.

Town Danceboutique

Often billed as the largest gay dance club in the District, this venue’s cabaret space, in particular, is a feted one by those belonging to LGBT community. The highlights of Town Danceboutique includes nighttime drag shows held on Fridays and Saturdays, dancing lessons, shirtless dancers, and a clientele as diverse as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

This hot dog joint is the kind of place where all kinds of people gather for hot dogs, half-smoke, and so forth. The wall graffiti makes the restaurant in the district an instantly recognizable one, as the murals are that of comedian Bill Cosby and Barack Obama. Obama once visited this place before he was announced as the 44th American President and stood in lines for food with locals. Although to a lesser degree, even Ben’s Next Door has a similar kind of nightlife vibe.

Howard Theatre

Make it a point to dress up or wear smart, formal clothes when visiting this theater for gospel brunch or a dance party. It has been renovated to honor its former glory, staging performances from cult bands across genres, including Rhythm and Blues and Pop, with people from Shaw and U Street neighborhoods in the attendance. Visit the theater to know what it truly means to simply rock the house when on a Washington DC tour devoted to nightlife.

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