Top 4 Ways to Celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend in Washington DC

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Washington DC sees peering crowds on the occasion of the Memorial Day, which is observed on the final Monday in May each year. Yet, the Americans honor the veterans to have paid the ultimate price while they were on service on the annual Memorial Day weekend. It includes a Memorial Day parade, a bike rally, and several other things that make a Washington DC tour excitable.

The line-up of activities observed on Memorial Day weekend includes several other things such as placing the US flag in front of the final resting places of veterans and their family members at Arlington National Cemetery, but let us dive straight into the top four picks.

National Memorial Day Parade

The Memorial Day parade along the Constitution Avenue in the capital city sees marching bands, celebrities, performers, and US Marshals representing US Armed Forces veterans. The country’s largest parade is a broadcast event, and plenty of visitors gather around the National Mall area to honor the veterans, including those to have paid the ultimate price from the times of American Revolution to till date.

2018 Rolling Thunder Motorbike Rally

This convoy of motorbikes brings together thousands of riders from all parts of the country commemorating Prisoners of War and those who went missing in action during the conflict-ridden Vietnam War period. Themed “Ride for Freedom,” it draws over 900,000 riders, who cover a route that beings at the parking lots of US Defense Department’s headquarters and head past the West Potomac Park. The riders also pay tribute to the MIAs and POWs, whose mortal remains were not brought back home or given a proper burial.

National Memorial Day Concert

Memorial Day is your chance to salute the ultimate sacrifice the women and men in uniform have made for the nation and that of their families. This free concert to commemorate the veterans is held annually on the Capitol Building’s West Lawn, as part of the Memorial Day celebrations. Several actors are invited to perform on the occasional concert this year, which will also include performances from Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise.

Visit National Mall Monuments

A visit to the memorials along the National Mall is a custom as part of the Memorial Day celebrations. What better way to commemorate the veterans than to place red roses in front of the World War II Memorial in Washington DC.

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