Top 8 Attractions to Explore in Washington DC

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Washington DC Tourist Attractions

Explore the below places when on tours of Washington DC to have a memorable trip. From outdoor picnic spots to national parks and food joints, the District of Colombia has everything tourists look for in a metropolitan city. So, take this as a specimen itinerary to the nation’s capital. There are more places, including national cathedrals, where you can find peace and comfort.

The National Mall

The National Mall has plenty of parks, pastures, free-to-visit museums, and memorials devoted to some former American Presidents and wartime events etched in the nation’s history. Its architectures are tied to history and serves as a focal point to tourism. Even the secluded hotspots it is home to, such as walkways and bridges, can be pleasure sights while on a Washington DC walking tour. To make sure you will not have to miss out on a landmark around the National Mall, look up for a list of best attractions in DC.

Meridian Hill Park

This 20th Century public park is home to statues of Dante Alighieri and Joan of Arc, a tiered fountain, and other architectures that trace back to its earliest periods. Its highlight is the “Drum Circle”, which has been a summertime tradition since it started some decades back.

The natives believe that it started during the late 1960’s, after the passing away of the human rights activist Malcolm X. The tradition, which involves African Americans playing the drums to the rhythms of percussion on Sundays during the summer, has been a part of the “Malcolm X Park” since then.

Smithsonian National Zoo

This national zoo is spread across 163 acres of land in Rock Creek Park and serves as a haven to over 1500 animals in across hundreds of different species. It is a must-visit when on tours of Washington DC with kids. The animals in the zoo, which is owned by the Smithsonian Institution, comprise lions, giraffes, giant pandas, and tigers. Besides, it is home to several endangered species too.

The Institution plays a role in protecting the species of animals at risk of extinction. Most of the animals are kept in enclosures, and since the zoo is a spacious one, you can take a walk along them while enjoying the scenery.

Rock Creek Park

Even during the wintertime, this park serves as a picturesque spot to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It spans thousands of acres and has paths for trekking, bicycling, and horseback riding. It is even home to the aforementioned zoo, playing fields and picnic areas, a namesake tennis center with a court, the Peirce Mill, and a namesake nature center and planetarium.

The park also houses the Carter Barron Amphitheatre where you can enjoy live concerts to perk up your evenings. So, there are more reasons to add this urban park to your Washington DC tour itinerary.

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath

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The best way to explore the canal is to stroll, trek, or bicycle along the first few miles of the C&O Towpath. While at it, you can soak in the scenic views of the Potomac River and the Georgetown neighborhood. Unless you are on a bike and all geared up to explore the full towpath, which extends up to Cumberland covering 184.5 miles along the way, hiking only a few miles won’t be a bad idea. Still, if you are an adventurist at heart, do go the full distance when on tours of Washington DC.

Street Murals

The US capital city has many street side structures or buildings with vibrant, colorful murals. You can find everyone from Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe to Barack Obama and Michelle Obama portrayed on the facades of some of the top venues in DC. One of them is the hot dog joint named Ben’s Chili Bowl, which is instantly recognizable owing to the murals of Mr. and Mrs. Obama, standup comedian Bill Cosby, among others.

DC on Wheels

Exploring Washington DC by foot is a pleasure, but you can make the trip more adventurous by boarding a circulator bus or pedaling through the National Mall. The city has a bicycle sharing system, which offers bicycles on rentals for free so long as you only use it for a stipulated time period. Besides, you can get a membership to make the most of bicycle sharing service.

United States National Arboretum

This botanical garden in the District is home to National Bonsai and Penjing Museum, which houses a plethora of Bonsai trees, and the National Capitol Columns. Besides the garden’s array of columns, its cherry blossom trees are unique attractions best explored when they bloom during the spring season. If you are in the mood to hike the spacious arboretum’s tree-lined paths, make it point to explore them at sunrise or sunset to capture nature at its most pristine.

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