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The Alexandria Black History Museum in Old Town Alexandria offers visitors a history of the African Americans. There are many sites in the neighborhood that is devoted to the ethic group and the Alexandria Black History Museum is one of them. The museum gives traces of the contraband and their families. They were soldiers who affiliated with the Union forces during the American Civil War.

When you are in Old Town through tours of Washington DC, also visit the Carlyle House, a mansion turn museum that traces back to the 18th Century. It takes the place of a Civil War hospital that stood there in the past. The popularity of the Mercy Street show by PBS miniseries is believed to have caused its administrators to devote the mansion’s second floor to the Union doctors and officers who used to live there during the Civil War.

A highlight of a visit to the Carlyle House is a surgical-room that features an amputation kit that traces way back to the 19th Century. It is a perfect place to visit for sightseers when on a trip to DC, especially if their interests lie in landscape photography.

The rangers of the National Park Service offer interpretive programs such as bike riding classes with safety precaution for the kids along the Mount Vernon trial. It is a long trail, which runs via the Old Town to the Mount Vernon with the Potomac River along the way, spanning around some 18 miles, and has scenic spots including the monuments in DC and the Reagan National Airport to the north. Joggers and bikers take the trail that leads up to the Dyke Marsh to the south of Alexandria. Dive into diverse crowd if you also want to join them when on tours of Washington DC.

Jones Point, on the other hand, is a park-like setting on the banks of the Potomac River. A walk in that area often starts at a historic boundary stone laid on the riverbank in 1791. It leads up to a small lighthouse established in 1855. Sightseers walk through the Jones Point Light to see the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. It has bascule, a mechanism that enables to raise and lower a section of the bridge using counterweights. Looming over playing fields and basketball courts, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge is a sight to behold from Jones Point in particular.

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