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Do your romantic appointment right when on tours of Washington DC, and impress your date with these ideas that are sure to bring a romantic mood. The US capital city is the most scenic place for an idyllic romantic getaway or date. It has everything you would want for that perfect evening, including memorials, world-class restaurants, and majestic memorials.

Rather than making a casual visit to any of these places, would it not be a good idea to go anywhere here with your future or present life partner? Alongside the venues and best times to visit these, we will also give you some hints as to where to make some important moves to impress your girl.

Spend a Night at CityCenterDC

A visit to this elegant mixed-use shopping development will make your experience vibrant. It is situated adjacent to Chinatown and Downtown DC amid the capital city. You can have an exemplary meal at any local restaurant, including Fig and Olive, Momofuku CCDC, and DBGB Kitchen and Bar. You should have a romantic stroll down the much-loved Palmer Alley. Besides, you can window-shop at luxury retail shops such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Paul Stuart, and more.

Experience ‘AMOR’ Installed atop the National Gallery of Art

There is a sculpture garden on top of this art gallery that serves as a perfect spot for a romantic date. Walk by the AMOR sculpture by Robert Indiana. In case you did not know, “amor” is a Spanish word that translates as “love”. This installation is at the center of this garden; at night, the light reflecting on these four red letters is a sight to behold.

Visit and Admire the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial under Moonlight

This memorial looks amazing when you view it under the light of the moon. A nighttime walk along this National Mall location will be pretty memorable for you. The statue of Dr. King has the words taken from his famous 1963 speech “I Have A Dream” on the side. This memorial honors the legacy of the leader of the Civil Rights movement.

Go to “The Phillips Collection” to Explore Wondrous Art

This museum holds a vast collection of impressionism works by artists such as Paul Cézanne, Vincent Willem van Gogh, and Henri Matisse. Do not forget to check out the masterful painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, namely “Luncheon of the Boating Party”. This museum will take the two of you to Paris without you having to leave the District.

Skate on the Ice at The Wharf

During the winter season, you really must go to Washington DC’s Southwest Waterfront. This is among the capital city’s most exciting dining, shopping and entertainment destinations. It has Transit Pier, where the water freezes into ice in winter. It is an exciting wintertime date experience to glide across the riverfront rink below fiery sunset glow.

Pour Your Heart Out at Union Market

This buzz-worthy spot in the District is full of artisan-made crafts and arts and exemplary food experiences. It also has the “Heart Wall” mural, made by graffiti artist Thierry Guetta for 2015 Women’s Day. Hold your lover at the front of the photo-worthy mural before, during, or after exploring the wonderful things in this market. Take a photo of that pose and post it on Instagram with a caption, “I just told her the secret”.

Go to Blues Alley and Travel Back To an Olden Period

Blues Alley, the oldest existing jazz night club of the US, is tucked away at a Georgetown passageway. The ambiance of this place is evocative of the early 1900’s jazz clubs. It serves as a throwback to the period in which jazz music surged into nationwide popularity. A visit to this carriage house turned supper club with jazz music will make your date night memorable.

Have Hot Chocolate Together

Whether you are here in the cold season or when there is warm weather around, a hot chocolate together with your lover is another worthwhile date night idea. Fortunately, the District has many great places to have a hot chocolate, including Espresso and Gelato Bar situated at the east wing of the above-mentioned art gallery.

Catch a Shakespeare-Inspired Play

William Shakespeare is regarded as the most romantic person ever, not to mention the best wordsmith of all time. Shakespeare Theatre Company holds the finest of The Bard’s plays, in addition to modern productions that are inspired by his work. The influence of Shakespeare can make a 2019 date night a memorable one.

Cozy Up At an Outdoor Area with a Fire pit

You can cozy up with your lover at several restaurants and bars in DC, which have fire pits. Just warm up with your lady love by the fire to be free yourself from the winter doldrums. Enjoy the DC bonfire vibes at spots such as Chinatown’s Dirty Habit, the “Top of the Gate” bar, Georgetown’s “Bourbon Steak and Farmers Fishers Bakers”, and Barcelona Wine Bar.

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