Tourist Attractions around Penn Quarter & Chinatown in Washington DC

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The Penn Quarter & Chinatown neighborhood in DC carries many attributes that go with it including an entertainment and sports hub, a shopping paradise, and a museum-hopping destination. The neighborhood in Washington City is one tourist place that comes to life with plenty of exciting activities. It is also home to the Capital One Arena, which is why many people with varied interests throng Penn Quarter & Chinatown in large numbers to catch live shows. If you want to explore museums when on a Washington DC tour, the full-of-life neighborhood serves as an ideal destination to explore by foot.

The museums lined up along National Mall draw in a large number of visitors and all they touch upon a particular field of study. The Newseum, for instance, is devoted to the freedoms expressed in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Essentially, it is a museum in DC, which is devoted to news’ history. If you are into photography or have an interest in ancient news, take a look at their gallery devoted to Pulitzer Prize photos. The gallery chronicles award-winning photographs captured by people who covered spot news.

There are other museums too devoted to espionage (International Spy Museum), portraitures (National Portrait Gallery), and so forth. So, mix and match touristy places in Washington DC according to your varied taste. If you were looking forward to watching a performing art, for instance, the Ford’s Theatre would serve as a historic location that satisfies that need.

The 19th Century playhouse witnessed the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865, the former US President and one of the iconic figures in American history. Honest Abe hadn’t died on spot but flew from the theater only to get tended by doctors and suffer a gruesome death in a room elsewhere. The historic theater featuring a Victorian architecture still stages a rendition of ‘A Christmas Carol’ once in a year and hosts shows that are American-themed most of the time.

To complete your visit to the DC neighborhood, go for tasting a dish such as dim sum or a roasted duck in a restaurant in Chinatown. In fact, this is the place to be when on a Washington DC tour if you have a special liking towards Chinese cuisine and their mouth-watering delicacies.

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