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Are your kids turning one more year old shortly? Are you thinking about doing something unique to celebrate the special day? If yes, planning a trip to some exotic place will be a great option than the clichéd birthday parties. When it comes to a stunning tourist destination, one of the best options will be Washington DC.

Of course, you will have to consider a multitude of factors, especially when traveling with your kids to a foreign land. The potential factors that you are likely to contemplate on, in this case, are likely to be the best hotel, kid-friendly attractions, safe neighborhoods, ideal activities, etc. Now, if you are wondering about the ideal locations in the American capital city to celebrate the birthday of your little one, there is a pool of options irrespective of the age and interests of your kids. Some of the perfect birthday party destinations for your kids in Washington DC are listed below.

The National Zoo

If your kids are too little, there is no point in taking them to a history museum or a monument. Rather, take them to fun spots like the National Zoo. In fact, this animal park is one of the first options that most Washingtonians swear by when it comes to traveling with the kids. Better, if the birthday is on a weekday so that you can beat the crowd.

The National Zoo is a great venue to nail your kid’s birthday bash for sure. Note that there is an indoor party area here for the celebration. Plus, your kids can befriend a number of cute residents here. However, you can book parties only on weekends. So, make sure to call and check availability at least 3 months before the birthday so that you can plan things accordingly. Some other petting zoos in the DC that you may consider include Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo, Leesburg Animal Park, Roer’sZoofari, etc.

Laser Tag at Shadowland

If you want to make the birthday of your baby an ever-memorable and exciting affair, celebrate it at shadowland. It will be undoubtedly fun to play team tag game with your party guests. Here, you will have to shoot one another using laser lights. You score will be based on the number of shoots that hit and missed and it will be kept electronically.

Needless to mention, the dark and foggy hallways that feature several twisting platforms adds to the overall experience. Your kid will surely love this and will cherish it for the rest of his/her life. This will be a great option to celebrate the birthdays of adults as well. Additionally, shadowland has around 5 locations in Washington.

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