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Have you visited the Smithsonian troves, Lincoln memorial, and other attractions in the Washington DC? Have you yet hugged the state tree or checked out the giant hairball? Have you ever smelled the corpse flower or visited the resting place of Helen Keller? These are just a few of the unusual things you can do on your Washington DC tour. So after checking out the top attractions in the city, make sure to try the one listed below too.

Lincoln’s Summer Cottage

You can trek to Lincoln’s Summer Cottage located in the northern Washington DC. This is the place, where the 16th President of America came to jot down the notes for the Emancipation Proclamation. Many tourists have said about ghosts roaming on the veranda of the cottage. You can tour the home to know the complete tale.

State Tree at the National Arboretum

You can take a stroll in the woods past the glades, meadows, and gardens that are decorated with Corinthian pillars. These pillars were once part of the Capitol Building. There is the State Tree Grove adding to the grooviness of the National Arboretum and you can find everything from the sugar maple of New York to the giant sequoia of California here.

Ogle Hairballs and Brains at the National Museum of Health and Medicine

You can check out the galore pack at this Department of Defense-run museum. The stomach shaped hairball in the museum can leave a lasting impression. This is the hairball, which was eaten by a twelve-year-old girl. You can also find the megacolon here. Yet the showpiece at the museum is the bullet that killed President Lincoln. The bullet is encased along bits and pieces of the skull of the US President.

View from the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world and it features much more than the first map to America and a Gutenberg Bible. You can go to the James Madison Memorial Building and visit the cafeteria at the sixth floor. The place is decorated with many windows and you can get view of the river sliced landscape of the city.

Visit the Gravelly Point Park

You can visit the Gravelly Point Park and plane spot resting at the grassy areas near to the Reagan National Airport. You can experience the roaring of the plane engines as they fly overhead. You may find tourists walking from the airport; however, it will be safer to take a taxi or drive to the place. There is also an option to bike along the Mount Vernon Trail.

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