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The Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington DC is well renowned among tourists for its eponymous domed building, which symbolizes American democracy. Capitol Hill is home to the House of Representatives, Supreme Court, and the United States Senate. This place is the heart of the American democracy and it is something you do not want miss during your tours of Washington DC. In fact, the large neighborhood that spans across the quadrants of Southeast and Northeast has a lot more to offer than just legislative dealings.

If you take a little stroll through the Capitol Hill neighborhood, you will be able to find Washington DC’s Botanic Garden and the Library of Congress. Tourists who wish to learn more about the political history of the United States must head straight to the Exhibition Hall in the Capitol Hill. Inside the Exhibition Hall, you will be able to see artifacts, theater exhibitions, interactive models, videos, original artifacts, and documents. This will help you to know more about the history of Congress and the Capitol.

There are plenty of things to do and see in Capitol Hill, but tourists who are on their first tours of Washington DC often wonder how to make the most of their visit to the place. If you are in such a scenario, then below are a few simple tips that will help to make your Washington DC tour an unforgettable experience.

The US Capitol

A tour to Washington DC will not be complete without a trip to the iconic Capitol Building, where the House of Representatives and the US Congress have been meeting for about two centuries. The construction of this structure began in the year, 1793. The Capitol Building was not always as big and vast as this. The United States government came to the conclusion that the Capitol was not big enough to accommodate all the newly admitted states by the mid-eighteenth century.

Consequently, the authorities expanded the building. However, several artists and people felt that the old dome was too small for the expanded building. So, it was replaced with a new dome. The dome on Capitol Building is 26.8 meters high and 29.2 meters in diameter and has three times the height of the old dome.

The Congressional Cemetery

The 35-acre Congressional Cemetery inside the Capitol Hill has been the final resting place of several notable Washingtonians for over 2 centuries. This cemetery, which was originally called as Washington Parish Burial Ground rapidly become associated with the United States Congress in the early 18th Century.

The first Congressman, who was buried inside the Congressional Cemetery, was the Connecticut Senator Uriah Tracy. After his burial, almost every Congressman who died in the city of Washington DC was buried here in this cemetery until the year 1807. The cemetery offers several educational events, concerts, and tours, that will help you to discover more the about the history of the Congressional Cemetery.

The Library of Congress

Several tourists and natives claim that the most beautiful place or tourist destination in Washington DC is the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. The authorities usually offer a free one-hour tour of this iconic structure on a daily basis. Make sure to attend the free tour, as it will help you to learn a lot more about the architecture and art of this famous cultural institution.

The elaborately stunning Great Hall of this building is a sight you don’t want to miss while you are touring the Capitol Hill of DC. You can also see several elegant sculptors, which celebrates the classical traditions of American figures and learning too inside the library.

The Eastern Market

Several tourists who are visiting the Capitol Hill for the first time in their life have a misconception that the Eastern Market is just a place for purchasing fish, meats, vegetables, fresh fruits, and other items. However, the reality is that the Eastern Market is actually a cultural venue and it is also a gathering spot for the neighbors.

In addition to purchasing the fresh fruits and veggies, tourists can also enjoy live music performances and buy antiques, jewelry, crafts, and arts from the flea stalls around the corners of the Eastern Market.

The Shakespearean Experience

The Folger Shakespeare Library, which is located in the shadows of the US Capitol Building, houses the largest collection of materials that are related to the poet, William Shakespeare, and his works. In addition to that, you can also find plenty of books on rare manuscripts, renaissance books, and other art pieces.

The Elizabethan theater in the Folger Shakespeare Library often puts on a wide variety of modern and classical plats that are inspired or related to Shakespeare. So, try to watch a play from the theater before ending your tours of Washington DC.

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