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The capital of the United States of America has many attractive tourist spots that you may want to visit on your tours of Washington DC. One of such famous attractions here is the United States Botanic Garden (USBG). Deep in history and traditionally rich, the USBG is a plant museum which makes the visitors understand the importance of plants in the well-being of humans and the Earth’s fragile ecosystem.

Around 200 years ago, George Washington, the first President of the US, had a vision for the capital city of the US, which included a botanic garden that can demonstrate the importance of plants to the young nation. The Architect of the Capitol administered the garden since 1934. The mission of USBG is carried out by promoting botanical knowledge through cultivation, presenting display of plants, exhibitions, educational programs and by nurturing sustainability and plant conservation.

The USGB consists of 3 areas: Bartholdi Park, Production Facility, and the Conservatory. There are 8 garden rooms in the Lord & Burnham greenhouse built by the Architect of the Capitol. The conservatory has many rooms and each of it simulates a unique habitat. Orchid house, plant exploration, rare and endangered plants, the garden court desert, Hawaii, garden primeval, children’s garden, southern exposure, plant adaptation, and medicinal plants are some of the habitats.

Each of these rooms is closely monitored to maintain the environment best suited for the plants. The temperature, sunlight, and humidity are regulated with the help of levered windows, retractable shades, and misting systems. Every day, all the plants are watered manually. In October 2016, the construction was finished on the three-acre National garden that included plants native to the Atlantic Coastal Plain and Piedmont, a butterfly garden, a rose garden, and the First Ladies Water Garden, which is a water garden built in memory of the First Ladies of the US.

Bartholdi Park is situated south of the conservatory and it is named for the Bartholdi Fountain designed by Frédéric Bartholdi. One of the main aims of this garden is to give inspiration and ideas for home gardeners who visit the place. There are varieties of small unstructured and structured garden, and it infuses shape, color, and many planting themes. The production facility is for storing and growing plants for propagation, displays, etc. Get in touch with your Washington DC tour guide for more information about the United States Botanic Garden and planning a visit there.

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