Ways to Spend your Christmas in Washington DC

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Washington DC is a city that every traveler looks forward to spending their most loved vacations, especially their Christmas holidays. Most of the travelers who visit DC celebrate their holiday at the Capital of the nation.

Listed below are some of the most popular ways to celebrate your Christmas season while you are on Washington DC Tour.

You Can Visit the National Christmas tree in DC

Winters in DC are reliably mild which is why it is regarded as a great time to see the Mall as it would be at its most quiet state. The National Christmas Tree is located at the President’s Park since the year 1923, where there is also a green space that could make you overlook the White House. This is a lovely place where you could take a stroll to enjoy the scenery.

Skate at the Harbor of Washington DC

Christmas is regarded as the best time for a pair of skates and a cup of cocoa. The rink of Washington Harbor is located next to the famous Potomac River which is located in Georgetown and is one of the prettiest places of the city. It offers you views with lights and columns at the back and trees and water at the front.

Explore an Early-American Christmas

Washington’s estate has got a Christmas camel, Aladdin, demonstrations of chocolate making, along with tours of a mansion which shows how the people on the plantation would have spent their Christmas there.

Visit the National Cathedral

The National Cathedral is a Gothic-style cathedral which was found in 1907, and has managed to become the longest-running construction project of the city for a long period. When it was finished, the Cathedral looked so magnificent and had all the grandeur of the old churches as it had some new touches. There will be Carols and Service of Lessons in the Cathedral at 3 pm along with organ recital at 4:30 pm.

See the Norwegian Model Train at the Union Station

Ever since the year 1997, Norway has donated various models of train display and a Christmas tree to the US to show gratitude in providing aid during and after the time of World War II. The train takes up most of the space of the West Hall of Union Station is very amazing. There are also handmade versions of real Norwegian trains that speed through the Scandinavian landscapes of icy fjords, snow peaks, and small towns.

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