What Are The Free Things To Do in Washington D.C?

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Foreign trips are not for everyone and to an extent it is true. Foreign tours usually costs a lot and Washington DC tours are no exception. To visit major tourist attractions in the city, you need to pay money, but every country has places which you can visit without spending money. People also indulge in various activities when they visit a foreign land. Let’s look at some of the free things to do in Washington DC.

Trek through Rock Creek Park

It is one of the oldest urban-parks in Washington DC and it is spread across 2000 acres of land. The park is located in the northwest part of the city. It has a nature center, picnic grounds, a tennis center, a planetarium, ranger-led programs, hiking trails, an ampitheatre and many more to entertain the visitors.

Watch a Shakespearean Play

Since 1991, the Shakespeare theatre company is open free of cost to its visitors. People get to enjoy famous plays without spending any money. Plays include classics such as hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Othello.

Visit the National Zoo

National zoo is located in the southern end of Rock Creek Park. People get to see tigers, gorillas, lions, pandas, elephants and orangutans. They have areas where animals travel over our head with the help of towers and cables called the O line.

Visit the US National Arboretum to Watch the Bonsai Trees

If you are done with many of the major spots in Washington DC, it is time to visit the US national arboretum. You can walk around the azalea garden in spring season to enjoy the colors of the nature or walk around holly and magnolia garden in winter season to enjoy the cold weather. They have the largest collection of bonsai trees in North America.

Visit the US Botanic Garden

The garden can be found in Smithsonian museum located near Capitol building. Plants from different parts of the world can be seen in the US botanic garden. They have more than 5000 varieties of orchids and the park even have outdoor garden made for public to rest.

Learn about the National Mall and Memorial Parks

Visitors can always learn about national parks from the local experts. While monuments like Lincoln and Vietnam War memorials can be visited free of cost, other memorials also offer free tours on fixed hours. You may even get free bike and walking tours. Make sure to check the schedule when you visit Washington DC.

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