What Makes a Trip to the Glenstone Museum Enchanting?

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Landscape, architecture, and art come together at the majestic Glenstone, an indoor and outdoor museum in Maryland. Glenstone Museum is only a short drive away, so there is no reason why you cannot visit it when on Washington DC tour. You have to reserve tickets in advance though – they are released on the first of each month for the subsequent third month (for instance, tickets for December will be available on October 01). In case you arrive without an advance booking, it will work to accommodate you if space permits, but reservation is highly recommended.

Glenstone Museum opens from Thursday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm and is free to visit. It is a wonderful place to visit, no matter you are into fine art, landscape, and/or architecture. It has two buildings, several outdoor sculptures and a landscape that spans over 230 acres. Photography is not permitted inside the museum. However, you can take snaps outside it, provided that the use is personal and you do not use a selfie stick, auxiliary lighting, a tripod, or drone for that.

The museum wants to offer you a relaxing environment, which is ideal for contemplation of provocative artworks; hence, the visits are scheduled. In case you are looking forward to being fully immersed during your visit, this is the ideal one for the body and mind.

Owing to displayed works’ fragility, visitors should be twelve years of age or older, and minors should be accompanied by adults at all times. The works of art here comprise of post Second World Art pieces that will challenge you to contemplate, whilst providing an international perspective on seminal arts from the past 70 years. The museum collection is one of the best in the US.

The trip starts at the Arrival Hall, in which you will get a sense of its subtle design aesthetic and peruse books that underline and show abstract and modern art. It then moves to the Pavilions, but not prior to a short walk on a serene trial. While walking, you will see the sculpture called “The Split Rocker” perched on top of a hill, arguably the signature piece of the museum. It is the kind of topiary, which, say, Edward Scissorhands will be proud of. This intersection of nature with art is one of its essential components.

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