What Makes Washington DC an Ultimate Getaway?

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Washington DC Attractions

Washington DC is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world and is known for a number of attractions. Some of the major highlights in the capital city of the United States include neo-classical monuments, treasured museums, wondrous architectural aesthetics, as well as the eclectic lifestyle of Washingtonians, beer culture, exotic spots, authentic cuisine, etc. In fact, the perfect blend of rich culture, heritage, history, and the food scene in Washington DC makes it an incredible getaway to rock your holidays.

In order to get to know about the history and culture of the city, you may venture the wide range of museums here. You will be amazed to know that you can explore most of the national monuments and museums in the city free of cost. In the list of free museums in Washington DC, one of the most prominent ones is the Smithsonian Museum. Built in 1846, the Smithsonian is the largest museum in the world. This mammoth museum consists of 19 independent museums and galleries, and a National Zoo as well. The group of galleries in this museum covers almost every single genre such as history, nature, science, technology, culture, etc.

Learn about the History and Culture of America

The latest addition to the Smithsonian museum group is the National Museum of African American History and Culture. As the name indicates, the museum is exclusively dedicated to the history and culture of African American life. In fact, this 400,000 square foot museum, which is located near the Washington Monument, is the only one of this genre. Almost every Smithsonian museum is open to the public on almost every day of the year except on national holidays. Note that since the Smithsonian is one of the top-rated attractions here, you can expect tourist mayhem here. So, it is recommended to purchase your tickets in advance in order to skip the long and tiring queues.

Apart from the Smithsonian museums, one of the must-visit galleries in Washington DC is the Newseum. This amazing museum is exclusively dedicated to various news bits and related objects from an ancient period to the present. You can see 7 levels of interactive exhibits in the museum such as broadcast antennae that was once located atop the popular World Trade Center, the largest collection of prize-winning photographs of Pulitzer, an impressive collection of print news pieces, etc. All these exhibits here focus on promoting the freedom and the free expression of the first amendment. Furthermore, Newseum is located in between the Capitol building and the White House, making it even more appealing.

The National Archives Building, which serves as the home to the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, is another attraction in DC that screams aloud the rich history and culture of the country. Beneath the domed structure in the rooms here, you can see many important documents that serve as the basis for the United States of America. Watching these documents will be surely an unforgettable and patriotic experience for both locals and tourists. The entry to this national monument is free of cost. However, all the visitors will be permitted 30 minutes prior to the closing. Hence, it is better to reach the National Achieves Building by 05:00 pm if you want to get a fast track entry and to beat the crowd.

Sightseeing and Activities in DC

The weather in DC is another important factor that makes it an outstanding city. That said, the best time to visit Washington DC is the spring season. During this time, you can see picturesque cherry blooms in almost every nook and cranny of the city. The Nation Cherry Bloom Festival is something that most locals and tourists look forward to every year. This festival commemorates 3,000 cherry bloom trees all over the city. These popular cherry bloom trees in Washington DC were gifted by the mayor of Tokyo in 1912 as a token of his friendship.

Other impressive events in the National Cherry Bloom Festival include a parade, captivating fireworks, an exciting and entertaining kite festival that is held in the premises of the Washington Monument. The time when cherry blossoms bloom differs from season to season though. Usually, it happens by the end of March or by the beginning of April. Apart from the spellbinding cherry bloom scene, the spring season is the best time to avoid the harsh summer heat in the city as well.

For adrenaline junkies, the right time to visit the American capital will be the month of May since a number of adventurous activities will be lined up in this month. This is also the best time to know about the lifestyle as well as the food scene in the city. Usually, people use to commute in bikes and bicycles in this month. Note that the popular DC Bike Ride is also scheduled in the month of May. You can opt for city bike tours that cover almost every attraction in the city if you want to enjoy both sightseeing and exercising at a time. Additionally, seek suggestion from your private tour guide Washington DC and partake in your favorite adventurous sports. In short, come to the city at the right time and you will get to know why DC is regarded as an incredible getaway.

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