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The National Park of Washington DC opened its door to the public in the year 2008. The ballpark, which was constructed with an estimated amount of $701.3 million, is currently one of the most visited ballparks in the entire world. Moreover, the stadium is also the first major stadium in the United States to receive a US LEED certification.

The National Park of Washington DC can hold approximately 41,400 people. Yet, the tickets for matches get sold out at a rapid pace. So, if you are planning to watch a game at this famous DC ballpark, then it is best to book a ticket in advance. This will help you to avoid the need to stand in long queues while you are on a vacation.

Several tourists who are on their first Washington DC tour are not aware of the fact that the National Park is not just a baseball field. Instead, the authorities often use the ballpark as a conference center, thanks to the 8,000 square feet of meeting space and the 4 large club spaces inside the stadium.

The architects who designed the National Park of Washington DC had put in extra efforts to create openness within the ballpark to offer an incredible experience to visitors. In addition to that, they have also designed different vantage points to ensure that there are no bad seats inside the venue.

The scoreboard that you can see inside the ballpark is approximately 47 feet high. In an interview, a Kansas City-based architect, Joe Spear said, “Everywhere the fans look, there’s something new for them to see. We want them to discover new things each time they come out for years.”

The National Park of Washington DC offers a number of choices to tourist and natives when it comes to beer, food, and drinks. The dumplings, sandwiches, gelato, and gyros made by the local chefs are some of the most delicious food items that you should try while you are visiting the famous ballpark. In addition to that, the rare varieties of cocktails that are made with local spirits are also worth a try.

Tourists can also try the Bluejacket brewery, raw bar at Whaley’s, and the Takorean taco joint to enjoy a delicious meal while they are visiting the National Park. So make sure to include the ballpark in your Washington DC tour itinerary and have a good time there.

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