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caA visit to the U.S. Capitol Building is a must when you are on tours of Washington DC. The inside tour can take around 1½ hours and is also accessible to people having disabilities. The tour starts and ends in the ‘Visitor Center.’ Below are some highlights of the inside tour of the Capitol Building, where the U.S. legislators hold the Senate, pass legislative bills and debate the nation’s policies. You can also see the Pentagon if you are interested in the military and territorial strength of the U.S.

How to Reach

Since there is little to no parking spots available on the premises of the building, the best way to reach the spot is via the Metro trains or through the circulator buses. In fact, there are about three stations around the area and all are nearby. The Visitor Center has been the entrance to the visitors to the Capitol Building. The welcome area is littered with gift shops and cafeterias that hold the artistry and the architectural brilliance of the building.

Introduction and Stops

The tour starts with a short introduction film and follows a visit to the ‘Capitol Rotunda’ the domed room on the second floor of the Capitol Building. Watercolor wall paintings circle the ‘Capitol Dome’. One of the paintings on the ceiling depicts George Washington in all his glory alongside feminine figures. Just below are the monumental paintings depicting the moments in the history of America. Some of the other highlights include a visit to the ‘National Statutory Hall’ and the hallways wherein you could come across the representative statues of each state.

Visiting the Senate

The private guided tour is exclusive of a visit to the Senate galleries and the galleries of the House of Representatives. However, you can get an entrance pass via the congressmen if you have contacts with the powers in the Senate. If you are on a private visit, you may have to enquire about the available passes. When the Congress is not in-house, visitors can explore the galleries. This facility is available from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. However, the gallery viewing hours may change. Therefore, you should crosscheck the schedules while getting the passes.

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